Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am supposed to be posting pics from last ladies nite but M. Mack sent this one with the others and I thought it was awesome. She called it "Lovely Ladies". I am calling it "Bad to the Bone". We miss you M. Keller. =( Come back soon!

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  1. wow! what a seductive looking group of church ladies! its so hard to find a balance these days but you girls surely seem to do it good! maybe somebody can contact me about the next ladies night.


Who Are "We"?

The original girlfriends started with one. One who wanted to follow after God with all her heart and who wanted to know from God what it meant to be His daughter whose worth is far above rubies. She could see the lie that promotes self-esteem and learned that each of us has a Christ-esteem which makes our worth far above rubies.

As she learned what it meant to be totally loved, totally accepted, and totally wanted by Him she began to give what she had been given. She first began pouring her life into one, two, then three, then four, five, six, then seven and eight. Then one by one these eight began to catch the vision and they began pouring their lives into one, two, then three and like Topsy in Uncle Tom's Cabin it "just grew and grew".

So, here we are. Who are "we"? You'll meet us. A wonderful, beautiful group of women both young and old, married and single who have been given much and want to give back what someone, through Christ, has given to them. Catch the vision and join us. Sit back and be encouraged, valued and accepted.