Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just A Note

Hello Everyone!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We are looking forward to another year of excitement with Ladies Nights and opportunities for fellowship. Please let me ( know if you have a skill or craft that you would like to share with the ladies. We are going to be setting up monthly classes this year for us to enjoy learning and hanging out together. Also, be on the look out for details on the upcoming Ladies Night Fashion Show featuring Jasmine Johnson.

Love you ladies,

LP (in the house)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Melissa Tucker is one of our VERY talented ladies and is offering these AMAZING music classes at the Sportsplex. Check out the information below and make a mad dash for the phone so you can sign up immediately. I have known Melissa since she was a very young lady and have watched her grow into the beautiful woman, wife and mother she is today. She has watched our children in the past (before she had her own young 'uns) and she is not only totally trustworthy but an EXTREMELY gifted musician and singer. Check out what she has to offer. =)

ABC Music&Me created by Kindermusik International
(A fun-filled music enrichment program that builds foundational music skills for young children
ages 2&3 and 4-6 year-olds).
Kindermusik Sign&Sing class
(mommy&me sign language class introduced with music)

These are available starting the first week in January at the Sportsplex. Call Opelika Sportsplex at (334)705-5560 for sign-up or Melissa Tucker at (334) 705-5272 for more information.

Sunday, November 29, 2009



Please check out the invitation to the right and come to the most fun party of the year. You will leave feeling closer to current friends and make new friends in the process. See ya there! =}

Friday, November 6, 2009


Happy Birthday to Mrs. Wanda Keller today!  You are an amazing woman of God!  We are so blessed to know you.  Have a wonderful birthday!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Happy birthday to Shelby Atwell today! We love you Shelby, you are a wonderful woman. Have a blessed b-day!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ladies Night at Red Door June !

LADIES NITE AT RED DOOR JUNE, hhhmmmmm, what can we say? Well, we can say, AWESOME, and we can say FUN, and we can say YUMMY and many other adjectives as well.

Thank you Ms. Karen and all at RDJ who let us invade your coffee shop!

If you could not attend our September Ladies Nite then hopefully the pics below will give you a taste of the fun we had! Please plan to attend our next one because if you were not there then . . .
you were missed.

The common denominator to all of these pictures??? Most everyone is smiling and laughing.

ISN'T THIS PIC GREAT?! We enjoyed you Stacy and your daughter, too!

Patrick believes that all these women gather just to see him. (Secretly, we do Patrick)

Kathy's Hat was the hit of the party!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Happy Birthday Susan!! (Sept. 30) You are an amazing and courageous woman. We all love you!

Susan is the wonderful woman second from the right.

Also, check Susan out in the FALL 2009 issue of East Alabama Living. The article that features Susan is entitled UNSUNG HERO By Ann Cipperly and it is on page 44. Susan is a Red Cross Nurse and specializes in disasters. The article is about her time at Ground Zero after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. What is not mentioned is all of the other many disaster sites she has been to and been instrumental in not only the nursing aspect of the job but overseeing and supervising many other Red Cross Volunteers as well. I know she is our #1 GoTo nurse when we need help and advice. There is none better in the area. Susan you are such an asset to not only this community but also to us as our friend. I'm glad to see East Alabama Living recognize what we already knew, "You're the Greatest!" WE LOVE YOU!

Check out to view the article on-line and they will also have a list of retailers that sell the magazine. The magazine is in most shops downtown. I purchased mine at Heritage Gifts and Gourmet on 8th Street.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Many Faces of Ashely Marsh

Ashely Marsh's Birthday was Tuesday, September 22 so in honor of her and everything she means to all of us, we are presenting an array of pictures that show the variety of giftings, talents, and overall lovely nature of a truly lovely lady.

Here we are at a homeschool conference that CCI hosted. Ashely is a veteran homeschooling mom and has graduated at least one of her children. One down, two to go.

Many people may not know that Ashely is very playful and lots of fun to be around. Here she is planting a big fat kiss on Susan!

She also gives out hugs regularly but usually to people that she can tell needs one.

She also knows how to have a good time at a party and is not afraid to "steal" a gift that she likes at our annual Ladies Nite ornament party.

This is one of my favorite pics. John, Ashely and Nelson are on the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Another thing that makes this pic so sweet is that Ashely is very pregnant with their second son Joshua. Doesn't she look fabulous!

OKAY this is another favorite pic because here she is enjoying the fruit of her homeschooling labor by presenting to Nelson his diploma at the Graduation Celebration we had in 2009.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Dear Ladies,

We are so excited about September Ladies' Night! I am sure all of you can look around and see the growth in the relationships . . . you're friends with people you never thought you would be friends with, and the "girl you didn't know" you now can confidently speak too when you see her.

We have had so many opportunities to encourage one another in our lives and to believe for each others' dreams . . . . . and also, have gotten to break down the barriers of appearing "pulled together" and gotten to truly know one anothers' hearts and life stories.

This is the goal of Ruby Hearts . . . . just to enjoy relationship. Every time we step out of our comfort zone relationally, we find life. We look forward to this Ladies Night and as usual, believe for the most fun, exciting, wonderful time yet!

See you there!
(& the rest)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We are to September 16, 2009 and we have already had at least three birthdays. So Ladies, here's to you! We love you all and you are a huge blessing to us!

ANITA ESTES - September 3rd
Mrs. Anita, we need some more pics of you. You are working and serving in all the pics I have of you which is a great thing and shows what a wonderful gift you are, however, most of them are blurred or are pictures from behind because you move so fast. Isn't that a great testimony? Thank you for being such a wonderful example to us!

Melissa Wright - September 5th

Sonja Bently-Zant
(the woman in blue on the left)
- September 7th


WOW! How did we get behind on our birthday reporting? Well, I would give you a million reasons for not staying on top of this but none seem worthy enough to warrant such an egregious result. Therefore, NO EXCUSES. Ladies, will you please forgive me?

Since every lady is so important to us, we are not going to skip over any (that we are aware of). So, Let's play "catch up". This post is dedicated to the WOMEN OF AUGUST. We love all of you wonderful women! Happy belated birthday!

Alison Johnson
(the beautiful woman in the middle)
- August 4th

Carol Adams
(Yes, those are all her children though not ALL of her children)
August 11th

Mellisa Lawler - 20th

Hope Tadych - August 20th

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ladies Night Pool Party!

As you can see this Ladies Nite was a little smaller and more intimate which was fabulous! I would say it was nice and quiet but the music from the 80's compelled some of us to do some "Rock This Town" dancing. We had one new friend come so we wanted to say thank you Chrystal and we hope you enjoyed yourself. Looking forward to some more fun in the future so stay tuned for the next grand event.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ladies Night !

Get Ready for some Mexican Fun

Each and Every One.

A Time of Pinyata's

A Time of Dancing Free

A Time for you
And Yes, A Time for me

Lots of Yummy Food
Is Waiting for You There

If You Will Come
I Promise
You Won't Be Square

So Put on Your Bright Colors
Wear Your Funnest Stuff

Get Ready to Be Crazy
As if this is Enough!

Friends Who Whoop and Hollar
Lots of Craziness

Get Ready for the Night of Your Life

When You Come, You Will Be Blessed!


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Happy Birthday to Allison Kovak (the beautiful woman in the middle)!!! Have an awesome blessed day!!!


Happy Birthday to Donna Layson(the wonderful woman on the right)!!! We love you so much and wish you an amazingly blessed day!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Happy Birthday to Denise Rhyberg!!! We love you and wish you a wonderful blessed birthday!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Ladies Retreat Pictures!

There we're so many pictures it was hard trying to pick the ones to put on here but here they are. We all had an amazing time and many lives we're changed. So here is a brief overview of the trip.
Diane being beautiful while she cooks

Hope Tadych washing the dishes after a delicious meal

Left to right: Mrs. Patrice and Mrs. Alison Johnson, two beautiful women

Eating on The Deck
Left to right: Kathy Tucker, Patrice and Laura Pritchard

Left to Right: Mrs Rosie and Malisa Harris

Lunch at an awesome pizza parlor called Lillian's.
At least half of all the women came, all the others went to the beach! (or a pool)

Left to Right: Ashely Minnifield and Diane Yockachonis

Here we are at a wonderful snow cone place called Da Girlz
They had so many flavors that it was like being at Brusters, except for snow cones
Left to right: Diane Yockachonis and Denise Rhyberg

Left to right: Ashely Minnifield and Patrice

Left to right: Ali Malony and Laura Pritchard

Left to right: Laura Pritchard and Megan Keller

Joanna Flannagan and her beautiful baby Patrick on the Crows Nest at one of the houses we stayed at.

Upon hearing that we were to yell "hallelujah" in order to win a prize, we did a practice run
Left to right: Ali Malony, Denise Rhyberg and Sheli Galloway

Left to Right: Sheli Galloway and Molly Cloud

Holly Surrency in deep thought.

Who Are "We"?

The original girlfriends started with one. One who wanted to follow after God with all her heart and who wanted to know from God what it meant to be His daughter whose worth is far above rubies. She could see the lie that promotes self-esteem and learned that each of us has a Christ-esteem which makes our worth far above rubies.

As she learned what it meant to be totally loved, totally accepted, and totally wanted by Him she began to give what she had been given. She first began pouring her life into one, two, then three, then four, five, six, then seven and eight. Then one by one these eight began to catch the vision and they began pouring their lives into one, two, then three and like Topsy in Uncle Tom's Cabin it "just grew and grew".

So, here we are. Who are "we"? You'll meet us. A wonderful, beautiful group of women both young and old, married and single who have been given much and want to give back what someone, through Christ, has given to them. Catch the vision and join us. Sit back and be encouraged, valued and accepted.