Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Ladies Retreat Pictures!

There we're so many pictures it was hard trying to pick the ones to put on here but here they are. We all had an amazing time and many lives we're changed. So here is a brief overview of the trip.
Diane being beautiful while she cooks

Hope Tadych washing the dishes after a delicious meal

Left to right: Mrs. Patrice and Mrs. Alison Johnson, two beautiful women

Eating on The Deck
Left to right: Kathy Tucker, Patrice and Laura Pritchard

Left to Right: Mrs Rosie and Malisa Harris

Lunch at an awesome pizza parlor called Lillian's.
At least half of all the women came, all the others went to the beach! (or a pool)

Left to Right: Ashely Minnifield and Diane Yockachonis

Here we are at a wonderful snow cone place called Da Girlz
They had so many flavors that it was like being at Brusters, except for snow cones
Left to right: Diane Yockachonis and Denise Rhyberg

Left to right: Ashely Minnifield and Patrice

Left to right: Ali Malony and Laura Pritchard

Left to right: Laura Pritchard and Megan Keller

Joanna Flannagan and her beautiful baby Patrick on the Crows Nest at one of the houses we stayed at.

Upon hearing that we were to yell "hallelujah" in order to win a prize, we did a practice run
Left to right: Ali Malony, Denise Rhyberg and Sheli Galloway

Left to Right: Sheli Galloway and Molly Cloud

Holly Surrency in deep thought.


Happy Birthday Laura-Loo!!! We love you and would not have Ruby Hearts without you! You are such a blessing. Have an awesome Birhday!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ladies Retreat 2009

The Ladies Retreat was AMAZING!!! Everyone had an amazing time. We took a ton of pictures of everybody but we are going to have to do them in stages because...

We have two Ashelys,
From left to right is: Ashely Marsh, Ashely Minnefield

Two Kathys,
Left to Right: Kathy Tucker, Kathy Beams

Two Megans
Left to Right: Megan Keller, Magin Thorton

Three Alison's,
Left to Right: Alison Kovak, Alison Johnson, Ali Malony

and FOUR Melisa's
Left to right, and then down: Melissa Lawler, Melisa Tucker, Melisa Wright, Malisa Harris

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ASH I LOVE YOU!!! - wonder who could have wrote that!

We Have A Photographer!!!

Many of us befriended Christy Castellani at the Pritchard Wedding.
She is a sweet young woman with an a wonderful ability to capture your most valuable moments on camera. She has a passion for photography and enjoys what she does. If you need family, wedding, event pictures, we give our full recommendation to call her.
You can reach her at 334-321-1855 or visit her website at www.CastellaniPhotos.com .

Step Into A World of Healthy Eating

Diane Yockachonis has now opened up her wonderful baking abilities to the public. She has been making bread and many other whole wheat goodies for years, but now....she is taking orders for you!! Bless your family with nutritious items such as...
Cinnamon Roles
Freshly Baked Bread
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cakes, Muffins, Pumpkin Bars, Peanut Butter Bars
And I must add, I have had almost everything on her menu and it is ALL amazingly good.
Her prices are reasonable also. Give her a e-mail shout out at yockachonis@gmail.com

or pick up a menu at Laura's desk.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Congratulations Laura and Jay Pritchard!!!

The Wedding was so beautiful! We love ya'll so much and are such a huge blessing to all of us!!
You can view wedding pictures at
Click the picture of Laura.

Who Are "We"?

The original girlfriends started with one. One who wanted to follow after God with all her heart and who wanted to know from God what it meant to be His daughter whose worth is far above rubies. She could see the lie that promotes self-esteem and learned that each of us has a Christ-esteem which makes our worth far above rubies.

As she learned what it meant to be totally loved, totally accepted, and totally wanted by Him she began to give what she had been given. She first began pouring her life into one, two, then three, then four, five, six, then seven and eight. Then one by one these eight began to catch the vision and they began pouring their lives into one, two, then three and like Topsy in Uncle Tom's Cabin it "just grew and grew".

So, here we are. Who are "we"? You'll meet us. A wonderful, beautiful group of women both young and old, married and single who have been given much and want to give back what someone, through Christ, has given to them. Catch the vision and join us. Sit back and be encouraged, valued and accepted.